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Terminal Solutions

If a standalone point-of-sale (POS) terminal best fits your needs, Payment Solutions offers a number of PCI-compliant terminals that are affordable, reliable, and process transactions as efficiently as possible. PCI compliance ensures your transactions adhere to credit card association security guidelines and industry standards, protecting you and your customers from identity theft.

When you purchase through one of our equipment payment programs, you will automatically receive warranties and upgrades as one of the benefits of working with us. Our programs help merchants save on the up-front costs that often come with purchasing new equipment, as oftentimes there is no out-of-pocket cost.

Because we are committed to helping you find the best, most cost-effective solutions for your business, we diligently test the terminals available on the market before recommending them to our customers to ensure they work perfectly. The models below, are the two most popular First Data® terminals that meet our stringent requirements.

FD100Ti Terminal with Wi-Fi capabilities - One of the fastest, most secure POS terminals available.

FD300Ti Terminal - Among the most technically advanced terminals available today, this top-of-the-line terminal offers superior performance, ease of use, and advanced security.

To learn more about our POS terminals, contact us today!

Payment Solutions Testimony

“Staci is a great sales agent and the Payment Solutions employees are very professional.”

- Michael Tabke, C & M Garage Doors

Payment Solutions Testimony

“Four years ago I upgraded our POS terminals... Payment Solutions gave me the most professional presentation giving me a clear understanding of their services and costs. The conversion to Payment Solutions was simple and smooth.”

- Keith Johnson, Cables Pub & Grill

Payment Solutions Testimony

“I have never been so sorry to leave a company. I have now been back with Payment Solutions for a month and life is good. They have really taken care of me and my business. I have and will continue to recommend them to my business friends. Thanks!”

- Kay Dykes, Canyon Collectables

Payment Solutions Testimony

“At Western States Security, we appreciate Payment Solutions for their professionalism and plan structures. We are confident in our payment processing because of Payment Solutions' ability to "under promise and over deliver.”

- Western States Security, Inc.

Payment Solutions Testimony

“Payment Solutions provided prompt and efficient customer service. Equipment has met business expectations and complemented operations.”

- Sunrise Community Health

Payment Solutions Testimony

“We have been a customer of Payment Solutions for 5 years and the customer service has been outstanding! Ken originally activated our account and has been nothing but helpful whenever a question arises. I would strongly recommend Payment Solutions.”

- Jennifer Dollarhide, Larimer County Sports, LLC